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Crisis Averted - Thank You!

There are simply no words to express my appreciation to all of those who genorously donated their time and money in my time of need.  Thanks to your kindness and generosity, I was able to avoid a disaster and am now in a position to contiue on my journey of bringing empowerment and inspration to the youth and families of America.

The number of those who gave of themselves to help me avert this crisis are too numerous to innumerate here but there were some who gave above and beyond all that was asked or expected.  To those individuals and organizations, I would like to recognized and express a special depth of gratitude:

Janis "Mama Janis" Billups
Bill and Karen Poole
Members of Trinity United Methodist Church, Chesterfield, Virginia
Pastor Michelle Edmonds Lindsey and Members of Wesley Chapel United Methodist Church, South Chesterfield, Virginia
The Free Foundation, Richmond, Virginia
Project Homes, Richmond Virginia
Rob and Tammy Dungee of The Camping Party
Mr. Roy Davidson
Keith and Mindy Applewhite, Family and Stablemates of Suits
Us Farm, Chesterfield, Virginia

It is said that God loves a "Cheerful Giver." Then surely God must hold a special place in His heart for each of you who so cheerfully and generously gave of yourselves in my hour of need.

My family and I hold such a place for you in our hearts, as well. Thank you.

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